At KIRCHHAN INDUSTRIES to be within the limits is just the beginning. Integration of the "time domain" is where our analysis begins. First, we must have correlation to the mathematical model as to frequency, velocity and displacement values for the "time domain" to be valid. Second, that correlation will include full utilization of the containers designated sway space. No anomalies here! The dimensional accuracy, combined with the unyielding dynamic strength, test after test, prove the SYNERGY ISOLATION SYSTEM's two components lock in performance.
Our system used for analysis is tailored for low frequency response, triaxial accelerometers, .75 to 2000 Hertz, with built in impedance translators provide true unsaturated triboelectric free output. This output, filed to disk, establishes our performance criteria for modal surveys during production testing.
The extreme global environmental conditions encountered by the U.S. Navy demands exceptional equipment.

The Naval Weapons Testing Center, Colts Neck, N.J. conducted
the most rigorous testing format of it's kind.

Our series of seven containers, each with three specified load weights, each load subjected to 26 drops. Tough? Not yet, Repeat the light loads 10 highest "g" readings, at -20F. Not done, repeat the heavy loads, 10 lowest "g" readings, at 120F, total of 98 impacts, all results less than 45g's. Only then, is it good enough for the Crown Jewels1.
1 Crown Jewels are fragile Aviation items as well as those with dollar value greater than $20,000. Naval Inventory Control Point, Philadelphia PA.